Vlog #1 Getting My Brows Done For The 1st Time Ever @ Ulta Benefit Brow Bar

I absolutely love the beauty chit chat group that LisaJ Makeup created :)! The ladies give great advice and provide supportive & encouraging comments to one another <3. After uploading a picture of my brows, I asked for advice on getting them waxed by a professional (something this 36 year old has never had done)! Up until yesterday, I always plucked my brows (since I don’t have much to maintain to begin with). The ladies in the chit chat group all highly recommended the Benefit Brow Bar @ Ulta. Yesterday, I finally made an appointment!

Picture I uploaded to beauty chit chat group —-> 

So, lets take you through my experience (see pictures below). Some of you might wonder why I was SO hesitant on having my brows done up until this point. Well, my brows are so thin and I was honestly concerned that I might have even less to work with after having them waxed.

The girl at the Benefit Brow Counter at Ulta was super sweet; however, the brow look I left the store with (my husband referred to as : Holy Eyebrows!) was definitely NOT something I’m accustomed to. Upon getting home, I removed the parts around my eye brows that were drawn on to make it look more natural and less clown like. This morning I woke up with a bit of rawness in 3 areas and stinging! Looking at the before picture and the next day picture- I don’t see much difference to the shape of my brows. Thoughts? Since I’ve never had this done before, is the rawness & stinging to be expected? Is there anything I can do to help take away or diminish the stinging?


Before —-> 

After —-> 


The Next Day —->

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