Chapped Lips Relief!

About three weeks ago I had extremely chapped lips. Living in the humid, FL climate (that does not want to participate in Fall 😉 LOL) I have no idea why my lips were so chapped. The only reason I can think is because I was trying out a new beauty product for my YouTube Channel. Over the course of a week, I tried so many different products hoping to find relief: Aquaphor, Vaseline Lip Therapy (I use this nightly and LOVE It USUALLY), chapstick, and Carmex. Nothing was working and it did not seem to be getting better! So, what does a girl do… Amazon search 🙂 I came across a product I never used before, I tried it & it worked! Yay! So, if you’re in that same uncomfortable state- try this!

In the shower I scrubbed the ChapStick Total Hydration Lip Scrub (made my lips feel instantly moisturized) and then after the shower I lathered on the ChapStick Hydration Lip Serum. I don’t know if it was the combination of the products or what, but I started to slowly feel relief. Within three to four days my lips were no longer dry, chapped, and painful.


Other products in photo:

Nail polish

Leopard Sneakers

Only $23! 🙂


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