Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Dupe?!?

Do you love dupes? What dupes have you found? I’d love it if you’d share below 🙂

How beautiful is this mix n’ matte lip duo, honey nude, from Flower Beauty. On one end there is a matte lipstick and the other end has a matching shimmer gloss. This is the closest dupe I’ve found to everyone’s all-time favorite Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk! Yes, that’s right!

Review: I was blown away by this Flower Beauty product! I applied it early in the morning and wore it all day long at a conference, even through lunch, and it was still there! I did end up reapplying it later in the afternoon but the color was still on my lips. I only reapplied it because I wanted to add that little bit of shimmer from the gloss back on top. I was amazed at how long this product stayed on my lips!

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