The best long wearing nail polish!

When I first tried Essie Treat Love and Color ~ I was in love! My all time favorite color was Pinked to Perfection topped with Insta-Dri. Speaking of Insta-Dri, this stuff is amazing ~ cuts down the dry time!

Up until finding Essie Treat Love & Color, I generally did not paint my finger nails because between washing my hands almost every half hour at work, teacher 😉 or doing dishes & baths at home- there was NO point. The next day I’d already need a touch up. Who has time to do that everyday, well… I don’t.

I still love Essie Treat Love & Color but I have a new found love for Essie’s newer line ~ Gel Couture. At first I was not interested in trying the Gel Couture line because I figured it would be a “process” to get off! However, I ran out of my Pinked to Perfection and I went to the store to buy more only to find that it was out of stock! 🙁 So, I picked up a Gel Couture bottle that was close to my all time favorite cool, light pink nail polish.

I have found that Essie Gel Couture glides on so smoothly when applying it. Also, it lasts even longer than the Treat Love and Color on my nails. The top coat acts just like my all time favorite Insta-Dri! When you’re ready to take it off, it comes off easily with regular nail polish remover!

Essie Gel Couture colors that I’m currently loving:

~ Top Coat, ~Stitch by Stitch, ~Matter of Fiction, ~V.I. Please and….

~ Take Me To The Thread looks really pretty and on my list to try soon!

Target Link to Essie Treat Love & Color

Target Link to Essie Gel Couture

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