Hurricane Prep

In Florida we are constantly keeping watch on any update about Hurricane Dorian from the National Hurricane Center. As it slowly approaches we are all making our preparations . We spent the entire day yesterday cooking meals that would be easy to re-heat with our camping stove. We made several breakfast quiches, shepard’s pie, chicken fajitas, and used Tupperware to freeze water blocks. The kids were also all about making cupcakes! Of course we had to add to our grocery list Nutella & our a favorite key lime icing (seasonal flavor only available in the Spring)!

If you have kids, you also have to add to your shopping list items to help pass the time while waiting for the hurricane in-between preparing and watching the weather reports.

Our daughter was super excited to get a mani & pedi by Mommy with her new Piggy Paint set. As a Mom, I love Piggy Paint because it’s non-toxic and our daughter loves it because she can have colorful nails 🙂

Also pictured (pj set, beach towel)

We also picked up some fun nail art and face jewels 🙂

Our boys of course LOVE Legos and picked a large Lego2 set that will keep them occupied during the storm. They also LOVE to play on our Nintendo Switch, so we picked up some new games!

While shopping at Target Mommy also found some really great items that I bought and had to share with you! I’m absolutely loving my new Otter Box case because it has a built in pop socket but it still allows me to use my wireless charger.

Target also has some really affordable ways to add a little leopard into your life 😉 I love Target’s pajama line! Their pajama pants are extremely comfy & soft. I love the added tassel detail and this pair of pants has POCKETS! If you just want to add a pop of animal print into your outfit, you’ll love these leopard hair clips!

On a little side note, while preparing for Hurricane Dorian… I heard on Z88.3 a great tip, “write down a few things you love about your spouse and children before the storm hits, because after 72 + hours of not having power, it will be hard to think of reasons” 😉 LOL- I hope that made you smile 🙂

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