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About 90% of the posts I’ve been reading on InstaGram (here’s the link to my IG in case you aren’t following me on there already), are all talking about resolutions, words/phrases for the new year, or goals.

I can’t help but share my four year old daughter’s goal. While getting her ready for bed last night she says, “Mommy I just want to stay this little & cute…I don’t want to be a grown up!”. LOL 🙂 I explained to her that she has many more birthdays to go before becoming an adult (she’s only four years old). Then she adds, “my goal is to be five years old, so I can loose a tooth and get tooth-fairy money like my brothers!” Now, those are goals I can get behind 😉

Okay, in all seriousness…. let’s talk about self care. Honestly, I’m great about scheduling appointments for my kids or my husband, but when it comes to me… well… not so much. Self care doesn’t have to be expensive. As a Mom, I find it difficult to carve out self care time. It’s definitely something I need to intentionally schedule each week and get better about doing it. Speaking of planning, I LOVE this planner! The reason I love this planner so much is because the dates are empty; therefore, you can start your planning at any point in the year and not have a half empty planner for the months you didn’t use.

Being in my late thirties one area of self-care that I have been spending more time researching is skin care. I’ve been on the hunt for skin care that has ingredients to assist in slowing down the aging process while also being affordable. Of course, any dermatologist will tell you that your best line of defense in slowing down the aging process is SPF! I have tried MANY sunscreens and my three favorites so far are by: La Roche-Posay, Neutrogena (spray), & Neutrogena (click the links to see the exact one!) I use the La Roche-Posay on my face & the Neutrogena one on my body. For my kids, I need a sunscreen that lasts a long time, is waterproof/sweat-proof, has a high spf, and gentle for their skin. The two sunscreens I use on them are Neutrogena (spray) & Coopertone (click the links to see the exact one!)

Depending upon your budget for skincare you can get really great luxury skincare products; however, you can also get really effective skincare drugstore products as well at a much better price point. Some of my absolute favorite skin care products are from CeraVe, Neutrogena, and Vaseline! Currently, here are products I am using from those lines (click the links to be directed to the products seen below).

Vaseline: cocoa lotion (I prefer the scent of this one), intensive care lotion, cocoa hand lotion (I keep this smaller one in my purse for my hands), & lip balm

CeraVe: PM lotion (face), Skin Renewing w/retinol (neck & décolletage) & Hydrating cleanser

Neutrogena: hydro boost gel (I put on at night time) rapid repair w/retinol (I put on in the daytime because it also has some SPF in it), eye makeup remover, hydro boost lotion (I put this on after I shave)

*due to allergies, I always get fragrance-free.

After reading a lot of articles & reviews, I am also trying to be more preventive with our families health this year. So, I added into our morning vitamin routine Elderberry gummies!

They taste really good too! (my kids approve 😉 the taste!) The only reason I bought two different brands is because I’ve heard such great reviews about the sambucus one but our pediatrician always highly recommends any product from the Zarbee’s line for our kids. P.S. I compared the prices at my local Publix to Amazon & it was cheaper to order the gummies from Amazon!

If you prefer Target links for any of the items listed in this post, I included them below 🙂


(adult) La Roche- Posay, Neutrogena (spray), Neutrogena

(kids) Neutrogena (spray), Coopertone


(Vaseline) cocoa lotion, intensive care lotion, cocoa hand lotion (I linked a similar one since the cocoa one is not available in a small size), lip balm

(CeraVe) PM lotion, skin renewing w/retinol, hydrating cleanser

(Neutrogena) hydro boost gel, rapid repair w/retinol, eye makeup remover, hydro boost lotion


Elderberry gummies: sambucus (Target doesn’t have this one, so I linked a similar one) , Zarbee’s

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