April 2020~ Will Officially Be Known As Bring Your Child To Work Month ;) Haha!

Is the state you live in starting to open back up? I live in Florida and they are gradually beginning the process of re-opening the state with “social distancing” guidelines in place. Even though FL is beginning to re-open, schools will remained closed for the remainder of this school year. So, May will look very similar to our WFH & virtual learning we embarked on in April!

Finding activities to keep our children entertained at home has become my latest endeavor. So, I thought I’d share some great finds that have been a success with my kids that you may to snatch up before they are gone! Seriously, I’ve stalked some of these items on a daily/weekly basis until they were re-stocked. I’m curious if there are any other brilliant activities/items that have worked in your household that I did not list below- PLEASE share and help all the families reading this post! We could all use them 😉

In today’s post I’m going to share mostly indoor finds because I know some of my subscribers do not have a backyard but if you do have a backyard, I did share some great outdoor finds in my post last month (clicked the highlighted text to read that post!).

  1. I loved this strategy game as a kid and so do my kids now, except for when I win 😉 LOL.
  2. I was not familiar with this game, my kids picked it and they enjoy playing it together.
  3. Here’s a cute twist on Trouble. I love that there are so many new themes to choose from depending upon what your kids like!
  4. Another fun game I remember playing as a kid! Love the bright colors!
  5. My kids love marble mazes but this game takes it to a new level! It’s a bit more challenging which my boys love!
  6. I use to stock these in my treasure chest at school because the kids LOVE them and they are safe to fly in the house!
  7. I’m not a fan of messy creations but this was also selected by our kids. They had a lot of fun making & playing with it. We’ve stored their creation in these containers so it would last longer.
  8. If you have older kids, they will definitely love the engineering and complexity of these this kit or this one!
  9. Have fun while also teaching a life skill ~ cooking + baking! Also, make lasting memories together 🙂
  10. Make vibrant pictures outside!
  11. Hand/Eye coordination and safe fun outside!
  12. Color coordination, hand eye coordination, & problem solving all in one with this toy!

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