How quarantine taught me to love gardening!

Plants and I have always had a love/hate relationship. Probably because although I love plants, I could never seem to keep them alive! We finally became compatible during COVID quarantine 😉 Haha!

So, whether you’re an expert gardener or a beginner gardener, like me, I’d love to share with you our COVID quarantine garden and what FINALLY worked!

We started out planting the vegetable seeds with this soil in egg cartons. We placed the egg cartons in our sunroom on top of our outdoor storage bins (we own two of these, perfect for storing heavy holiday decor 😉 ). Once the seedlings were about 2-3 inches tall we transplanted them into our self-watering raised garden beds (we bought two of these as well to have enough room to grow a variety of vegetables) and the same soil we used in the egg cartons. I really feel that the soil played a key role in creating an optimum growing environment.

Also pictured, indoor/outdoor rug. Living in Florida, with our heat index in the 100’s our sunroom gets REALLY hot even with the windows open! Due to the extreme heat and greenhouse effect in our sunroom, we started to see fungi, little bugs, and mold develop. So, we went on a hunt of safe & effective products to combat the fungi, little bugs (organic friendly treatment) & mold (click the bold word to see the product we used).

Our raised garden beds were doing so well that we decided to try and grow our own guinea pig food (pet friendly as well as safe for human consumption). One it gave our guinea pigs a fresh food treat and it also saved us from having to visit our local pet store during quarantine!

We decided to grow the wheat grass in these open containers (set of 2- ONLY $2) so the guinea pigs could easily munch on the grass when we placed the bin in their cage. We wanted to try growing our own greens to eat. For the Microgreen mix we decided to try these lidded trays from Amazon. WOW, do these trays work great (set of 4 for UNDER $25)! The seeds sprouted in no time!

We wanted to add some more plant life to our front walkway and we found the perfect set of 3 planters that match our outdoor storage boxes & raised garden beds! I love when things match, don’t you? 🙂 Also pictured below (similar- Chiminea).

We had the opportunity before school started back up two weeks ago, to go on a mini-staycation here in Florida. Since we were going to gone for a few days, we didn’t want our seedlings to die. So, we ended up moving our raised garden beds outside and they are doing great! We used the same soil for our the plants and vegetables in this post and I really do think , especially with the type of sandy dirt we have in Florida… it made all the difference!

Did you start any gardening projects during quarantine/COVID? What type of home improvement projects kept you busy? I’m so happy we decided to start this gardening journey with our kids. Watching the seedlings grow and thrive gives a sense of peace & accomplishment! 🙂

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