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Hi Friends! I’m so excited to do a jeans edition post! In this post I’m going to round up different jean styles from different retailers and explain the pros for each. I hope this helps you find a style or brand of jeans that you’ll love and will work for you!

Pictured Above from Left to Right * Kut from Kloth * Articles of Society * JCrew * Old Navy * Madewell

If you’re not already following me on InstaGram, I shared a try-on in my stories and saved it to my jeans highlight for each of the jeans you’ll see in this post. Everything will also be linked in my LikeToKnowIt too! If you’re not already following me in the free LTK app, I’d love for you to!

* Kut from Kloth * Articles of Society (similar)

(Kut from Kloth) I bought this pair during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year and I’m SO glad I did! It is my go to right now! I love everything about this pair from the wash to how it fits. It is a high rise/skinny jean with a raw hem at the bottom.

(Articles of Society) Another favorite and go to! I bought this pair during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last year. I love the lighter wash. It is a mid rise/skinny jean with a raw hem at the bottom. (I think this is the only mid-rise in this post) haha! 🙂

Also Pictured: Plaid Shirt (similar) * Pink Vest (similar) * Sperry * Pearl Necklace

* JCrew exposed fly * Old Navy

(JCrew exposed fly) I like the exposed fly and classic high rise/straight leg style. This pair fits the highest (just above my belly button).

(Old Navy) Just a good old high rise/straight leg style. It sucks you in and looks good. A good staple jean to have in your jean collection.

* Madewell * Madewell exposed fly

(Madewell) This is my first time trying Madewell jeans and I must be in-between sizing right now. I tried this pair of jeans in my normal size and it was slightly big around my waist. I also tried a size down but that was uncomfortable in the waist. I did like the cut of this high rise/straight jean.

(Madewell exposed fly) This pair has some stretch to them and my normal size 31 fit. I liked the exposed fly and classic high rise/skinny style.

* Target * Loft

(Target) This pair of black denim has a little distressing on the knee and has a raw hem. These are high rise/skinny jeans with stretch.

(Loft) This is a classic high rise/skinny jean with no distressing.

* Loft (similar) * Levis

(Loft) This pair has the most distressing out of my jeans collection. Although it is pretty subtle to some other distressed jeans I’ve seen. These are high rise/skinny jeans.

(Levis) This pair of white denim is NOT see through! They are distressed on one knee and have a raw hem at the bottom. After reading the reviews, I did size up to a 32 (I’m normally a 31). These are high rise/skinny jeans with stretch (minus the waist area).

Also pictured: Pink V-Neck (my favorite everyday T-shirt (fits TTS) * Leopard Vest (go down 1 size, wearing a Med.) * FitBit * Leopard flats * Blue/White Stripe Button Down Shirt (fits TTS) * Converse Slip Ons * Tote (Outstanding Quality!)

If there is a jean style or brand that you love and I have not included them in this round up, please leave a comment down below! I’d love to hear about what you love too!

I’d love to know what your favorite pair of jeans was from this jeans round up! Please share in the comments below! Happy jeans shopping!

P.S. Cat photo bombing is just an added extra feature in today’s post 😉 LOL! Now you have to scroll back up and see how many times you can spot my cat in the pictures 🙂 .

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