RARE BEAUTY cream blush

Umm… WATCH before you buy!

Hi Friends!  Have you ever had such high hopes for a product only to be let down? Sadly, this RARE BEAUTY purchase was a failure for me. I know so many people rave about Rare Beauty products, so tell me what is your favorite product from the line?

Failure 1 video — CLICK here

Failure 2 video — CLICK here

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===MAKEUP WORN IN VIDEO listed below===

Sephora Links

* Rare Beauty Cream Blush *

Ulta Links

* Flower Beauty Blush * CeraVe Moisturizer * Eyeliner * Charlotte Tilbury mascara (trial size) *

Loreal mascara primer *

Amazon Links

* Flower Beauty Blush * CeraVe Moisturizer * Purtio BB Cream * Brow Pencil * Wine Canvas Picture (similar) *

Walmart Links

* Purtio BB Cream * No7 Setting Powder * No7 Foundation * Neutrogena Foundation * Loreal mascara primer * Brow Pencil * Lip gloss *

Target Links

* No7 Setting Powder * No7 Foundation * Neutrogena Foundation * Brow gel * Lip gloss *

Shirt (similar) *

Nordstorm Links

* Charlotte Tilbury mascara (full size) *

Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. All products are purchased by myself. Some of the links are affiliate links. This does not affect your price at all. It simply means that if you click the link & make a purchase, I may get a small commission from the retailer. This allows me to be a resource for you! I truly appreciate anyone who chooses to use my links when making a purchase! THANK YOU!

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