Why hello! I missed you…

I’m SO excited that my website is back up and running! So, what better time to catch-up with you then Spring Break! Today I posted a new YouTube Video too! I do post weekly on my IG channel, and would love for you to follow me there!

What is the weather like near you? Our weather in FL has been very unusual but I’m loving the cool nights/early mornings. Our best friends and their kids are in town visiting with us and we have taken full advantage of the cooler weather to enjoy our smokeless fire pit (great for allergy suffers who love to be around a fire) while we sit on our outdoor patio furniture under our gazebo (ON SALE, only 2 left in stock)! Speaking of outdoors… I purchased this Blackstone griddle (now ON SALE) for my husband for Christmas and I can’t wait to put it together and start using it! Please tell me we are not the only ones who have not put together a Christmas gift right away?!? 🙂 LOL.

So, tell me… what are you currently shopping for? Any upcoming plans for Summer… it’s only a few short months away!

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