Happy National Lipstick Day!

I thought what better way to celebrate National Lipstick Day than to share my favorite lipsticks, formulas, and colors! While gathering my favorite lipsticks for this post, I realized something… I tend to buy lipsticks all in the same shade range- LOL.

(Left to Right) On a daily basis I generally do not wear lipstick. I find myself reaching for a lip gloss. The NYX butter gloss is the newest addition to my favorites collection! I have been wearing this formula (I bought a few shades) daily! Out of all the lip glosses I own (I prefer a lip gloss over a lipstick any day), the NYX provides the most color, is creamy but not sticky. I feel like it’s a great in-between formula for those that prefer a lip gloss but provides a lipstick like pigment. Next is my all time favorite lip gloss (a little more sheer in color) but this Revlon lipgloss gives the perfect “your lips but better” shade! I always buy two of this lip gloss because I like to have one in my bathroom and one in my purse at all times! I love it that much! Everyone needs a good red lip gloss or lipstick 🙂 and I found the perfect cool tone/blue undertone red lip gloss. Oh, I thought it would be helpful to know that I personally do not like a sticky lip gloss, so all the lip glosses I recommended above are non-sticky!

Okay, now let’s move into my favorite lipstick formulas. My most used and most purchased lipstick brand is UD Vice! This formula is so hydrating and creamy! Although it’s a higher end lipstick, it’s worth the price! On my YouTube channel (if you’re not subscribed, I’d love for you to!) I love to find great dupes to share with you. This next lipstick by Maybelline was a dupe that I found for my favorite UD Vice lipstick shade. The price point is great and the color is on point. It is a great option if you don’t want the UD price tag; however, it is not as creamy as the UD Vice line. If you want a drug-store option that is creamy then you have to try the Colour Riche Shine line. This is the creamiest drug-store lipstick I’ve found to date. Another creamy higher end option is Too Faced lipsticks. I love the pretty gold packaging and I have this formula in a few shades because it’s very comfortable to wear. Lastly, the lipstick/lip gloss combo from Flower beauty knocked my socks off! It does not claim to be long lasting but I was pleasantly surprised at the longevity of this combo! Out of all the lipsticks, this one is the driest on my lips (maybe that is why it stays the longest on my lips). It’s not as dry as other lip sticks that claim to be long lasting that I’ve tried but I did want to mention that it is drier than the other formulas I shared.

On a side note: this lipstick holder is amazing and fits nicely in my bathroom drawer! If you like to keep your lipsticks organized and easy to find! It will hold up to 24 lipsticks & lip glosses and it’s under $9!

Now it’s your turn… do you prefer to wear a lip stick or a lip gloss on a daily basis? What other formulas/brands have you tried and recommend?

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