Are all makeup sponges the same?

In today’s video I’m comparing two makeup sponges~ JUNO & Co. VS. Real Techniques. Do you apply your foundation, CC or BB cream with a sponge? Do you have a favorite sponge? What makes it your favorite sponge for applying makeup?

If you have never used a sponge to apply your makeup, I definitely recommend you try it! Using a sponge to apply your foundation, CC or BB cream will give you a flawless natural finish. A sponge will sheer out your foundation a little bit. So, if you prefer more of a full coverage look, then you can always use a foundation brush (my favorite brush to apply foundation) and then go over your makeup with a sponge at the very end to blend it all in.

Should you use your sponge wet or dry? It really depends upon your preference. The purpose behind wetting a sponge is to make the sponge swell; therefore, absorbing less product.

Another reason I personally love using a sponge to apply my foundation is because I find it incredibly easy to clean after each use verses a brush. I just drench my sponge in water, swirl it on top of soap (I’ve also heard great reviews about this soap for cleaning sponges & brushes), and then squeeze out the remaining product under running water. I do this a few times until the water runs clear. Then I squeeze out all the water and place my sponge in a holder to dry.

I also love that sponge companies have come out with a plastic breathable holder for traveling. I love that my makeup case (my all time favorite customizable makeup case!) will not get all dirty and that my sponge can dry out, so I don’t have to worry about trapped water causing any type of bacteria or mold to grow.

L’Oreal sponge mentioned in the video that I also love!


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