Let’s talk self care & skincare

What does self care mean to you? I personally think self care is doing something for yourself each day that brings you joy! Whether that is quiet coffee & devotional time, reading an inspirational book, coloring a fun design, catching up on your favorite tv series, painting your nails, or taking care of your skin!

In a recent Instagram post I asked if my followers were wearing makeup during this WFH Coronavirus quarantine time or focusing more on their skincare. The majority said skincare!

It was requested that I share my skincare routine. So, I thought it would be best to break my skincare routine up into AM & PM in one blog post so it’s all together in one place for you to easily locate.


In the morning time, I always splash my face with cool water. It feels invigorating and it helps to gently remove any build up on your skin from overnight. I remove my quartz roller from my mini skincare fridge (if you want to know more about the skincare fridge, I wrote a blog post about it). I LOVE how the cool quartz roller feels on my sinuses and it helps to de-puff the skin. Then I apply either this serum OR my vitamin C serum (here is a less expensive Vit. C option that I’ve used and love). If I have any breakouts I apply my DermaE (I want something combating the breakout during the day, not just cover it up). Speaking of breakouts, I know a lot of people ask if Vit. C serums provide any benefits and I can tell you that over the past two weeks I have unintentionally left the Vit. C serum out of my skincare routine and now I have breakouts that I haven’t had in a long time. My skin also looks more vibrant and youthful when I wear Vit. C serum. The last step is my favorite sunscreen. I’ve tried SO many sunscreens but I always come back to this one because it’s light weight and wears well under makeup.

If you prefer Target Links: Moisturizer, less expensive Vit. C serum, Sunscreen (sorry the other items are not available at Target)


At night time, I start by removing my eye makeup with a cotton round. Has anyone tried reusable cotton rounds? If you have, I’d love to know your thoughts on them! Then I take the wipes and remove the rest of my makeup. Once I’m in the shower, I use my cleanser to remove any left over product and to clean my skin. After coming out of the shower I put on my face oil OR moisturizer (I usually alternate days, only because the face oil is expensive) and then hydrate my lips with lip balm. I have also used and love the Laneige lip balm but I don’t see a huge difference in my lips compared to using this lip tin except the price!

If you prefer Target Links: Eye makeup remover, Moisturizer, Lip balm, Makeup wipes, Face Cleanser (sorry the other item is not available at Target)

I’d love to hear about your skincare routine. What products do you use in the AM/PM? Do you use any of the same ones I use? Which skincare products or product lines are your favorite?

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