Amazon Home ~ Simplifying Our Life

I don’t know about you… but in our household you can walk into any room and find something from Amazon! Amazon can definitely be overwhelming to “just browse” unless you’re looking for something specific. So, I thought I’d share some of the items we’ve purchased that have made our daily lives easier!

Since we make a lot of Amazon purchases, I am going to break my posts into categories to make it easier for you to find an item you may also want to add into your life 😉 . So, today I will just be focusing on items for your home.

If I’m being completely honest, as I’m typing this blog post… I keep thinking of more items we bought over the years! I’m sure I’m missing some!

  1. At first I was pretty skeptical to add this into our home but I find myself talking to her everyday 🙂 … from making grocery lists, to playing my favorite songs while cooking, asking for a weather update, etc… WOW- it’s currently $50 OFF for a limited time!
  2. If there was one gadget that I cannot live without, it’s this! Seriously, the creators of this gadget- I give you a round of applause! If you have pets, kids, or just want some help with keeping your place clean…this is a MUST have! We have 2 now 😉 it’s that good!
  3. Who loves to clean their microwave? Not me. This cover is excellent! It covers your plate/bowel/container and keeps all the splashes inside. Making clean up super easy! It washes up easy with soap & water or you can put it in your dishwasher.
  4. There are so many of these containers on the market but we always buy this particular brand because of it’s generous size, holds up nicely (I even wash them in the dishwasher), and they are easy to hold onto while pouring.
  5. If you have a toddler, this is an absolute must! I finally found this after having three kids and I wish I had it for all of them! It washes up so nicely in the laundry, is soft, but does it’s job!
  6. While transitioning our daughter from the crib to a twin bed I came across these sheets. I love how soft they are and they come in a ton of color options!
  7. Who loves having their hand hurt from scrubbing soap scum in their shower/tubs? This tool makes cleaning the shower/tub SO easy! You’ll wonder why you waited to buy it!
  8. My hair and skin love me for buying this! It’s very affordable and it zips close so it won’t come off your pillow!
  9. I love these hinged stackable containers! I have our crayons, colored pencils, and markers sorted into separate ones. It makes it easy for the kids to keep their art supplies sorted.
  10. My husband bought me these stackable draw containers for our bathroom this past Christmas and I quickly fell in love with them! They fit my nail polish collection perfectly and look nice!
  11. This indoor/outdoor reversible rug is perfect for our patio but also makes a great beach throw because the sand comes right off of it.
  12. We bought these super soft bathroom mats a few years ago and are loving them!
  13. See, I told you I’d forget something…there’s probably more I forgot…but if you have a bathtub, you definitely need this!

What are some Amazon home products you’ve bought that make your life easier?

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