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As promised, in my last blog post (if you missed it, click the link to read all about Amazon Home!) I wanted to put together Amazon finds that we own in our house & love! I also want to make it easy for you to find an item you may also want to add into your life to simplify it (especially since most of us are at home due to COVID-19). So, today I will just be focusing on beauty items!

  1. I love the acrylic makeup containers I bought from Amazon. I have two of these that I put side by side with all my blushes, eyeliners, lipglosses, & highlighters. Then I have this one on top with my foundations, sunscreen, & moisturizers. I also have this one inside my bathroom drawer that holds my lipsticks & chapsticks. This dual compartment one sits on my counter to separate my eye makeup brushes from my larger face ones.
  2. This two sided makeup mirror with magnification is inexpensive and works great!
  3. I bought this hair dryer on a lightning deal a few years ago. I love how inexpensive yet effective it is.
  4. If you don’t want to get your hair wet while taking a shower, this shower cap is a must! Plus, it’s UNDER $7!
  5. I have this holder in silver for my makeup sponge.
  6. These washcloths are so incredibly soft and I love how they come in a pack of 6!
  7. My daughter and I both use these brushes. We have several! They work great for gently detangling your hair. I use this one while blow drying my hair because it cuts the blow dry time in half!
  8. To be honest I’ve never had a facial done at a salon but I originally bought this facial steamer because it had great reviews for people with allergies! I will say I love how refreshed my skin feels after using the steamer and then applying my nighttime moisturizer.
  9. If you follow TheSmallThingsBlog (a former hairdresser) she has always raved about this for creating the perfect beach waves. There are more expensive options she lists as well.
  10. I wrote a blog post about my mini skincare fridge. If you missed it, click here to read the blog post!
  11. I was a bit skeptical about this but I had to try it out for myself. WOW! It works and it saves so much money on makeup removing wipes and/or products!
  12. Want a salon blowout at home? You need this amazing tool! Suggestion- use on damp or dry hair (do not use on wet hair).
  13. For years I had an amazing foot file from QVC (it’s not available anymore 🙁 , believe me I searched and searched for it) so when it was time to find a replacement I did a lot of research before landing on this one. It’s super inexpensive but man does it work! Suggestion- use with a light hand.
  14. I bought this tool on a lightening deal for my daughter for Christmas to help speed up the nail painting process. For a toddler, nail painting although fun, seems like an eternity for the nails to dry 😉 LOL. It’s also multi-purpose as it can be used to keep cool during family excursions too! Plus, it’s rechargeable!

What are some Amazon beauty products you’ve bought that make your life easier or love?

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