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If you have kids, how do you feel about the kids not returning to school for the remainder of this school year? It’s a weird feeling of relief and sadness. I’m glad the decision was finalized in our state but at the same time I feel sad for our kids that they will not see their classmates.

So, with all this wfh time & virtual schooling has your family been busy with house projects, decluttering, etc…?

We are starting a garden at our house! So, I thought I’d share some Amazon finds to spruce up your backyard… whether you’re adding a fire pit, adding a seating area, or starting your own garden like us!

  1. If you are outside during the daytime I highly recommend this packable spf hat. I’ve had mine for over a year and absolutely love it!
  2. I just added this adjustable/foldable visor to my hat collection and I’m so glad I did! It has a nice wide brim that is perfect for shielding your face from the sun and you can still put your hair up in a messy bun!
  3. There are a lot of critters around us, so we decided to get a raised planter for our garden!
  4. We love our outdoor box (we actually have 2 of these in our sunroom- we use them to store heavy holiday decor so we don’t have to take it in out of the attic).
  5. We love sitting in our Adirondack chairs around our fire pit.
  6. These foldable side tables come in handy while cooking s’mores or as a place to set our drinks.
  7. I love these barrel planters! Add some spring flowers to brighten up your yard.
  8. If you have a pool, hot tub, or even a patio… this side table is a must for keeping drinks cool!
  9. Set the mood with lights & music in one!
  10. Add a little (safe) flame to yard decor!
  11. Maybe just add a little bit of comfort + color.

Our latest project (well one among many 😉 LOL) started with a fun craft activity for the kids (if you missed the post, you can read it by clicking the link). Please note: I have never played well with house plants 🙂 Haha! We are apparently not compatible! But… y’all (yes, it’s that big of a deal!) tiny little sprouts are a blooming and I couldn’t be prouder! Maybe, we can be compatible after all! The pepper seeds we placed in ziploc bags with a wet paper towel and attached to the sunroom windows sprouted! So, I transferred the seedlings to an empty egg carton. The kids also planted their peach seeds in their decorated pots and one looks to be growing (but I think it might actually be a pepper seed that fell in…so we’ll see in time). Now that the pepper seedlings are getting bigger we are going to add them to this raised planter and plan to add other vegetables soon!

Friday night (April 17th) was national camp in your backyard day! It was supposed to rain where we live, so instead my husband transformed our living room into a campsite with a large tarp, adjustable poles, outdoor paracord, & an air mattress (added after I took this picture). Did your family join the camping fun?

What products have you purchased from Amazon to spruce up your backyard?

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