Do you like to SAVE?

SLOW your scroll! If you like to SAVE money but still have the “look”… follow these steps!

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With liketoknowit, you’ll be able to shop my content before it goes out of stock! Also, see/buy exclusive content I share on liketoknowit. If you’re still thinking, it’s not for me… you can also shop on my blog from time to time when I post a SAVE vs. SPEND post (like this one!).

If you like these SAVE vs. SPEND finds, please be sure to leave me a comment below and let me know! I love to get feedback from you so I know what you want me to continue to create 🙂 and post about.

For my first SAVE vs. SPEND share, I tried to find items in various categories: shoes, clothing, accessories, & home decor! Is there anything in particular you’re shopping for that you want me to find a link to or maybe a SAVE version of? Tell me in the comments.

$19.99 slippers VS. UGG $99.95 slippers!

$37 sneakers VS. $495 Golden Goose sneakers! These $32 sneakers are also a great look alike!

(Click highlighted text to be taken directly to the item)

$49.95 button down blazer VS. $2,195 Balmain blazer!

$34.99 Star Utility Jacket VS. $118 Pistola Utility Jacket!

(Click highlighted text to be taken directly to the item)

Refreshing your home?

$80 Round Mirror VS. $349 Pottery Barn Mirror!

$100 Pendent Light VS. $398 Serena & Lily Light!

$130 Faux Fiddle Leaf Tree VS. $210 Faux Fiddle Leaf Tree!

$29.95 Cozy Pompom Throw Blanket VS $49 Pottery Barn Blanket!

$40 Chevron Tote Vs. $598 Tory Burch Tote!

$19.24 Slate Cutting Board Vs. $41.99 Bed Bath & Beyond Board!

Which SAVE vs. SPEND was your favorite?

(Affiliate Links) I just want to to take a minute and say THANK YOU for shopping my links! When you shop through my links, you’re supporting my small blogging business! I make a very small commission from whatever you order, at no cost to you. (sometimes just penny’s on an item that takes hours of behind the scenes work to create… so it is VERY helpful and adds up when everyone supports this space so I can continue to bring you content!). I am genuinely SO happy you choose to be here! xxx Jessica

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  1. Thanks for the comparisons. It is amazing how you find things that I did not know even existed. Please keep up the good work.

    1. Yay! I love finding a good sale and look alikes! I try my best to find items that are very similar for my Save Vs. Spend posts! Thank you 🙂

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