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Hi Friends! I was SO excited to finally get The Ordinary Foundation to test out. I find with The Ordinary, a lot of products go in and out of stock! Some of the products I’ve been wanting to try have been out of stock for months. For the price, you just can’t beat it! I think that’s why they are so popular. I’d love to know if you’re tried The Ordinary foundation?

Help me fill my magnetic palette! ~ What are your some of your favorite single eye shadow shades/brands?

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Product Links

* Ordinary Serum Foundation * Moisturizer * Favorite Sunscreen (Ulta) * Favorite Sunscreen (Walmart) * Eyes & Blush Palette (HSN) * Eyes & Blush Palette (QVC) * Sultry Palette (mentioned) * Magnetic Palette (I ordered- mentioned) * Brow pencil (Amazon) * Brow pencil (Target) * Eyeliner (Nordstrom) * Eyeliner (Ulta) * Mascara (Amazon) * Mascara (Target) * Lip gloss (Target) * Lip gloss (Ulta) * Eye brush set * Angled Eye brush * RT brush (used for blush- Amazon) * RT brush (used for blush- Target) * Eye lash curler (similar- Amazon) * Eye lash curler (similar- Target) *

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The Ordinary Products I Use & Love

* Retinoid * Hyaluronic Acid * Niacinamide *

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  1. Cynthia Van Camp says: Reply

    Love Sydney Grace shadows. You can’t beat them and a great price.

    1. That is one company I have not tried yet but really want to! Do you have any favorite neutral colors from Sydney Grace?

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