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Don’t give up! A New Year usually brings new resolutions and/or a “word” or goal for the New Year. So, now that we are committed to the New Year 😉 the trial period has been surpassed… LOL… Do you have a list of resolutions, goals to tackle, or a “word” for 2021?

To be honest, I did not until writing this post! While thinking of ideas for a title my word was found “level up/elevate”! I’m not just talking about fitness although that is what this posts focus will be. I want to level up/elevate and be a better version of myself. Part of being a better version both physically and mentally entails self care.

What does self care mean to you? As a Mom, I can honestly say it’s the area I neglect the most! My top priority is always my kids, my husband, and my home. Chores pile up, the to-do list does not get shorter… and each day goes by where I fall asleep exhausted. Can you relate?

I love making lists and checking things off my calendar (this is my favorite calendar because you put in the dates, so no wasted pages)! If it’s on the list, I’ll do it just to check it off! Are you a list maker? So, in order to find self care time, I need to get better about adding maybe one thing a week or maybe twice a week that I enjoy to my list of to do’s.

Another part of self care is taking care of my body. Getting enough water (this water bottle really helps to motivate you), a good amount of sleep (p.s. If you don’t own one of these pillowcases SAVE vs SPLURGE, they really do help with your skin & hair), taking daily vitamins (I take one of these everyday along with my daily vitamin), and of course moving your body!

Start small. Make sure it’s something you enjoy and you’ll continue to do it! The first week of January was off to a great start here. We took the dog for a walk three days out of the week! The vet said the dog needed to loose a few pounds….so, he also has to move his body. 🙂

Are you more inclined to workout, move your body if you’re wearing a cute workout outfit? I know I am! So, let me share some affordable workout finds! P.S. If you want to see any of these outfits in a try-on video, CLICK HERE to go to my Instagram!

If you love Lululemon pieces but not the price tag, you NEED this ENTIRE outfit! Seriously, same quality/style! This jacket looks exactly like the Scuba jacket! It is extremely well made and worth every penny! It is a slim fit. I am wearing my regular size (L) in this picture but I’m going to return for an XL so I have a little more room to layer pieces underneath. So, if you want a snug fit, get your normal size. I wanted to show you how this jacket can be worn for both exercising as well as an everyday look paired with jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers.

Now, let’s talk about this tank and leggings (same as above)! They are also incredibly similar to Lululemon (material and all). Both the tank & leggings fit TTS. If you’re looking for more of an exercise look/outfit. Also pictured: the jacket (same as above), the comfiest sneakers, & Fitbit watch!

Tank (I size up 1), Blue leopard leggings (TTS, buttery soft)- if you want a pair of leggings with a little more compression try this brand, I love this hat because it’s quick drying, my favorite no-show socks (they don’t budge), I also love the no-show socks from the Loft but they are pricer, and super comfy sneakers! (Click on highlighted text to go directly to the item)

Tank (TTS- love how lightweight & quick drying it is), compression leggings (have pockets, a splurge but worth every penny), hat (I love a good white cotton hat), kinetic sneakers (if you are on your feet for a long period of time, pregnant, or have back issues… you NEED these), & no-show socks. (Click on highlighted text to go directly to the item)

Tank (TTS, same as pink one above)- if you prefer wearing a t-shirt instead of a tank, the same brand also makes a short sleeve version that I love, legging shorts (TTS, these shorts are made from legging material & have pockets too), kinetic sneakers, blender bottle, Verb energy bar (I can’t link), energy drink, & Fitbit Watch. (Click on highlighted text to go directly to the item)

If you want biker exercise shorts that have a little more length, you’ll like these! They fit TTS and are a little tight around your thighs but in a good way (not too snug, just enough to not ride up while working out/walking, etc…). They are also high waisted and come in other prints/solids. Also pictured: same Lululemon rival tank, jacket, no-show socks and white sneakers.

All tie dye lovers, how super cute are these tie dye running shorts? Tank (TTS, same as pink & black ones above) Are you seeing a pattern? These tanks are seriously amazing, white hat, no show socks, kinentic sneakers, & FitBit Watch (Click on highlighted text to go directly to the item)

UNDER $30! How cute are these leopard sneakers? They are similar to the more expensive Adidas leopard sneakers. They fit TTS and come in a variety of colors/patterns.

Now let’s talk a little bit about my go-to items for home workouts & energy. Every morning I use my blender bottle to mix up & drink my energy drink (I love this one because it’s packed with vitamins, you don’t get jittery with it, and there is no crash from it). I mentioned this water bottle above. If you want to get motivated and drink enough water during the day this water bottle is very helpful! I personally like how it doesn’t have a straw because it makes it easier to clean. However, if you want one with a straw, here’s one you may like. These Verb Energy bars are new to me (they arrived on New Year’s Eve Day). I’ve tried them a few times now in the afternoons when I feel a bit sleepy and they do wake me up! I like that their packed full of natural ingredients. If you’re looking for a protein bar (with no caffeine) this is my favorite (I’ve tried a lot of brands). I can’t link this company, if you want to look them up.

I know a lot of us are not going to a gym right now (I personally prefer working out at home anyway). So, if you are looking for some staple workout pieces that won’t break the bank- I recommend- dumbbell set ( I love that it comes with the stand to put them away), extra 1 lb. dumbbells (I just place on top of the other ones), resistance bands (I haven’t used these yet, but I know they have some great benefits), arm/ ankle strap weights, and lastly my kettleball. I’ve heard these arm weights are really good but I haven’t personally tried them.

Let’s LEVEL UP and power through 2021! 🙂 Even though the groundhog called for 6 more weeks of winter! 😉

(Affiliate Links) I just want to to take a minute and say THANK YOU for shopping my links! When you shop through my links, you’re supporting my small blogging business! I make a very small commission from whatever you order, at no cost to you. (sometimes just penny’s on an item that takes hours of behind the scenes work to create… so it is VERY helpful and adds up when everyone supports this space so I can continue to bring you content!). I am genuinely SO happy you choose to be here! xxx Jessica

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