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How you can help

Hi friends! First and foremost I want to thank each of you for choosing to subscribe to my blog! I know that there are so many blogs that you could subscribe to & you choose to be subscribed to mine! Thank you, thank you <3 .

I also know the “digital creator”/ “IG influencer” world can be hard to wrap your head around and there are so many questions on how you can help support your favorite IG accounts and blogs.

<3 Shopping via my links

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* Target * Amazon * Ulta * Sephora * HSN * QVC * Loft Outlet * Kirklands * Old Navy * Walmart * Nordstrom * Best Buy * Wayfair * Michaels * Home Depot * Bed Bath & Beyond * DSW * Anthropologie * The Container Store * ETSY * Walgreens * Zulily *

— If you need a link for another store you shop at, please let me know and I’ll happily make one and send it your way! —

This is like a small business, I only make a commission if you purchase through my links. It takes a long time to build since sometimes it’s only pennies I earn and will not see the money until I reach a certain threshold for a company (can be several months to a year before I receive any commission money). If you are already going to buy something from say Target, Walmart, Ulta, Sephora, Amazon, etc…, why not use my link to do so. You are then supporting not just Target but also me, my family, and my small corner of the internet!

Commission varies for each store and we make a different amount per item too! The company (ex. Target) doesn’t “pay” until the return window closes. So, if something is returned, the funds aren’t taken away from us since we never physically had the funds. Does that make sense? I only get a small commission on what is actually PURCHASED and kept.

I also can’t see who purchases anything or even what you bought. We just see how many purchased a particular item.

You can even order from my links, select store pick-up, and I’ll still get a small commission on your purchased items.

How you can help support me on Instagram without spending money <3

Instagram only shows my posts to 10% of my followers! Crazy, right? IG will only push out my posts for more followers to see if the algorithm above is followed. So, you can help boost my posts by:

  1. save (flag) 2. share (air plane) 3. comment 4. and like

Also, if you are a follower of mine already on Instagram and you are not seeing my posts, it’s because of the IG algorithm. So, in order to see my posts pop up in your feed comment & like my posts and you’ll start seeing them again. If you are subscribed to my blog and not following me on IG —> CLICK HERE! I’d love for you to follow me!

Do you follow me on LikeToKnowIt?

LTK is a FREE app that you can easily shop my looks/sale finds from! If you’re not following me on LTK —-> CLICK HERE!

Or follow these steps:

  1. Download LTK from the app store 2. Click on Influencer search 3. Search Mom.Wife.Teach 4. Click follow <3

If you are not following me, I’d LOVE for you to! I’m only 11 followers away from my goal! Can you make one of those 11 that I need? 🙂 I also share exclusive content to LTK that you won’t always see on my blog or IG.

What do you want to see more of in 2021?

I take your suggestions to heart and really do strategize my content around what you want to see, so I really appreciate the feedback! Please let me know what you’d love to see more of in the comments below!

Thank you always for your love & support! <3

Save this post to reference back to when you’re shopping online or email it to yourself for future reference!

I am genuinely SO happy you choose to be here! xxx Jessica

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