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Hi friends! I don’t know about you, but I love to see the random purchases other make from retailers that they use in their homes and love. So, I thought I’d do post about it!

This packable SPF hat I bought a few years ago. It’s come on trips with me (packed in luggage, when travel was a thing 😉 LOL), to the beach, and even my go to hat when doing yard work! It still looks brand * new! It also comes in a variety of color choices. I cannot recommend this hat enough! The newer Amazon purchase in this picture though is this super eco friendly glass/bamboo tumbler! I bought it in white (seen here) and also grey (for my husband). I purchased the larger size but it also comes in a smaller size and in various color options.

After seeing so many IG influencers rave about this Glycolic face wash, I had to look it up! I personally chose to try the Glycolic pads though, instead of the face wash, because for the price I figured they would last longer 🙂 . I LOVE these Glycolic pads! When I use them (about x1 a week or x1 every other week, depending upon my PM skincare routine) my skin looks AMAZING! I’m not kidding you can see a visible difference. I wake up with my skin having a natural radiance. When I use these Glycolic pads I pair with my Olay moisturizer or my Neutrogena moisturizer.

Let’s face it, razors (razor blade refills) can be SO * expensive! I talked with my husband about Billie Razors because I hear so many rave about them on IG but I ended up not trying them because my husband found these BIC razors with such high reviews! Have you tried Billie Razors? Do you like them? Anyways… this razor (you cannot beat the price) … well maybe you can but the shave is phenomenal! If you want a budget friendly razor that works really well- get this! My husband bought one for himself too and loves it more than the Gillette razor that he was using (which is definitely more expensive too).

I was on the hunt for some stackable jewelry containers for my necklaces & pendants. It’s SO hard to find a jewelry holder that does not also have spacing for rings, watches, or bracelets. So, I was SO excited to finally find these! I bought 2. What I love about it is that it’s velvet lined, closes with a clasp, has large enough openings for necklaces, but the BEST PART… the top is glass! That will help keep my silver jewelry from tarnishing! A win for me, especially for the price! Not everything is a win though. Originally I bought this jewelry holder because it’s SO pretty & very heavy duty. However, the inside divider compartments came spilt so I ended up returning it.

A few months ago I decided to go through my clothes in the closet to donate items that didn’t fit anymore. In doing so, I decided to switch over some of our hangers with velvet hangers. Why you ask? Well for two reasons, it keeps the clothes from slipping off the hanger and it actually takes up less room in the closet! I will warn you though… from my experience, I use the black velvet on dark colors and a light velvet hanger (white, tan, light pink, or light grey) on my lighter colors because some of the velvet can rub off on the clothes.

Here’s another IG raved about product that I had to try out for myself! It’s a mold/mildew cleaner that claims to need no scrubbing! It is a gel like consistency and it does work! I used it in our bathroom shower on the grout. Here’s the downside… one bottle is not enough to do an entire shower (so just keep that in mind). However, if you have a smaller area that needs cleaning- this is a great product! Oh, on another note a friend recommended this brush head attachment kit to me for cleaning showers because they have it and love it (cuts down on the scrubbing/cleaning time).

I do not have a picture of this handy multi-purpose holder but we have it hanging in our garage and love it for organizing our cleaning tools! Looking back through my Amazon orders, I also don’t think I’ve ever shared our front doormat with you. We’ve had it for a year now and love it! We originally had this pretty mat out front but after putting in a screen door we needed a doormat that was low profile so it wouldn’t catch on the screen door frame.

Another home find is this L-Shape desk my husband has in his home office. We wanted something that wasn’t super expensive but had good quality. He bought 2 last year and loves them! Also, it was easy enough for me and kids to put together 😉 . Well, it looks like the L-Shaped version is no longer available but here is the regular desk version of what we purchased.

The * best * sponge * holder * EVER… in my opinion. We’ve had it for a few years now and what I love about it is it actually allows the sponge to dry completely so there isn’t an odor to the sponge + plus it looks nice too on the counter!

Not everything I buy is always a win! I love my La Roche-Posay sunscreen (it doesn’t leave a white cast, no strong sunscreen smell, and sits beautifully under any makeup I wear). However, I was on the hunt for finding a sunscreen that was more affordable and I saw so many wonderful reviews for Supergoop (this one in particular). It is said to not only provide sunscreen, sit beautifully under makeup, but it also works as a primer for your makeup too! REALLY? So, of course I had to try it! Well… I know a lot of people love it and it works for them. It may work for you…but it was a definite NO for me 🙁 . My skin did not like it and actually had a reaction to it. So, I’ll be sticking with my La Roche-Posay! Even though it pricey compared to other sunscreens I only use it on my face and neck, so it lasts a long time! Oh, I also tried the tinted EltaMD sunscreen that a lot of people like. It is a great sunscreen but better suited for people who have a warm/olive undertone. It looks a little too orange on my cool/pinkish undertone.

OH, another fail for me was this highly raved about Aroma oil. I purchased it because IG accounts that I followed raved about the smell. They claimed it made your home smell like a spa or fancy hotel. Well…. umm….according to my nose and my husband (who traveled a lot of work and stayed in really nice hotels)…. it was a definite no go in our home! Even our kids walked by our diffuser and said, “what’s the awful smell” 🙁 .

What are some random Amazon purchases you’ve bought and loved at your home? Please share in the comments!

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