If you’re on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve heard influencers talking about Madewell! I personally never heard of Madewell until I joined IG. So, I had to see what Madewell was all about for myself. Have you ever bought anything from Madewell?

Left picture * Denim Jacket * Madewell dress * Booties *

Right picture * TB Purse * V-neck Shirt * Sandals * Madewell Shorts *

*Madewell Dress * Booties * Black Riding Boots * Denim Jacket * Cowboy Boots *

How would you style this dress? Which outfit do you prefer 1, 2, or 3? Fit TTS

* V-Neck Shirt * Madewell Shorts * Kinetic Sneakers * Sandals * Watch * Necklace *

How would you style these high rise shorts? Do you prefer look 1, 2, or both?

* Plaid Shirt * Pink Vest * Sperry Boat Shoes * Madewell (L) Denim * Madewell (R) Denim * Necklace * Watch *

Both of these Madewell jeans are high rise but the Left pair is 10″ and the Right pair is 9″. Another difference between the two pairs of denim is that the Left pair is your ordinary denim material (no stretch) and the Right pair has stretch to them. I’m wearing my true size (31) in both. Also, the Left pair has a normal zip fly/straight leg and the Right pair has an exposed button fly/skinny leg. Which pair of denim is your favorite? Left or Right?

If you asked me what my favorite pair of Madewell denim was from this try on it would be these. I love a good high rise, dark wash denim! I also like the amount of stretch this pair has! The light wash exposed button fly is my second favorite pair of denim that I tried on.

* Stripe Button Down Shirt * Purse * White Sandals * Denim *

UPDATE: I just found out (so I wanted to share this information with you as well) if you click one of my links and add it to your cart & then come back later to purchase it, I lose my commission on the sale. So, you have to click my link when going to checkout first each time! This is how I am able to keep this blog going! The stores/ items I post do not pay me money any other way. I SO appreciate your support!

(Affiliate Links) I just want to to take a minute and say THANK YOU for shopping my links! When you shop through my links, you’re supporting my small blogging business! I make a very small commission from whatever you order, at no cost to you. (sometimes just penny’s on an item that takes hours of behind the scenes work to create… so it is VERY helpful and adds up when everyone supports this space so I can continue to bring you content!). I am genuinely SO happy you choose to be here! xxx Jessica

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